„CITY LIGHTS” - BODECKER & NEANDER COMPAGNIE France/Germany – Polish premiere

10 June 2017 Saturday 7 PM - Na Woli Stage, Kasprzaka 22 str, Warsaw

This year, Bodecker & Neander Company will perform for the ninth time at the Warsaw Festival. This time, the creators will try to discover the phenomenon of the City, they will take the audience on a journey through the cityscape: uneven, mysterious, full of unknown nooks and undiscovered places. We will learn about the charms of the periphery, the streets, the railway stations, the platforms, as well as those seemingly regular passers-by, each of whom is carrying some sort of a mystery around.


Director: Lionel Ménard

Lights: Werner Wallner

Cast: Aleksander Neander, Wolfram von Bodecker


Duration: 90 min (with a break)


Bodecker & Neander Compagnie

In 1996, having finished their studies in „École Internationale de Mimodrame de Paris” under the management of Marcel Marceau, Wolfram von Bodecker and Alexander Neander brought to life Théâtre Mimo Magique. Since 2006, they have been using the name „Compagnie Bodecker & Neander”. Their first performance, titled „Silence,” won the „Berlin Audience

Award”, and another production of theirs, „Out of the blue,” was a great success both among the audiences and the critics. The two artists present a concept of a „visual concert”: during joint performances with large music bands, e.g.: „Suttgarter Kammerorchester”, „Arditti Quartet” of London or „Gewandhaus-Oktett” of Leipzig, they show the audiences new, fascinating combinations of pantomime and music. During their numerous worldwide tours, „Compagnie

Bodecker & Neander” have crossed Europe, Asia, North and South America. Thanks to the universal scope of visual theatre of this pair of mimes, they are particularly valued as guests of international festivals. All their performances are created in cooperation with the director Lionel Menard.

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