„LOST HOTEL” - SINART COMPANY - Ukraine/Poland - premiere

13 June 2017 Tuesday 7 pm. Przodownik Stage, Olesinska 21 str. Warsaw

LOST HOTEL is a story of a meeting between a woman and a man, full of magic and mystery.
Dreamlike visions mix with a vision of a rainy evening, creating surreal imagery.
Past interweaves with a dream and the reality of a hotel’s space.


Story and direction: Ewelina Grzechnik, Artem Maunilov

Technical assistant: Paulina Szczęsna 

Music: DVA (Bara Kratochvil, Jan Kratochvil)

Scenography: Barbara Wojtkowiak

Video projections: Volidymyr Stetskovych, Andrii Voronov


Cast: Ewelina Grzechnik, Artem Maunilov


Duration: 70 minutes (with no break)


SinArt Company


The team is composed of Ewelina Grzechnik – actress of the Warsaw Centre of Pantomime and Artem Manuilov – actor from the Łeś Kurbas Lviv Theatre and the Gardzienice Centre of Theatre Practices. The creators, realising surreal performances full of magic, discover desires and fears hidden among the everyday life.  

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