15 JUNE 2017 Thursday 7pm. NA WOLI STAGE of Dramatyczny Theatre, KASPRZAKA 22 str. Warsaw

The key to interpreting the text of the Belgian playwright, whose works approach the French avant-garde of the twentieth century, was the last word uttered in The School for Buffoons - cruelty.

The School for Buffoons was an impulse for thinking about the concept of human history as one of cruelty, violence and persecution.

The modern world - fortified by various laws, including human rights conventions - still does not know how to handle cruelty. We are constantly witnesses to violence and we are growing more and more powerless against it.

In the performance by Zbigniew Szymczyk, the topic of cruelty is analysed on a few levels: a man's towards a man, the system's towards a person, and the nature's towards a human being. Does the strongest one win, or does the smartest? Will you be saved by the peace of mind, or by hysterical laughter? Or maybe a jester's mask is the most fitting camouflage, a chance to survive?


Script and direction: Zbigniew Szymczyk

Costumes: Wanda Kowalska

Music: Jacek Wierzchowski 

Visualizations: Maria Porzyc 

Assistant Director: Anatoliy Ivanov 

Cast: Agnieszka Charkot, Izabela Cześniewicz, Agnieszka Dziewa, Maria Grzegorowska, Paula Krawczyk-Ivanov, Sandra Kromer-Gorzelewska, Agnieszka Kulińska, Anna Nabiałkowska, Monika Rostecka, Artur Borkowski, Anatoliy Ivanov, Jan Kochanowski, Mateusz Kowalski, Piotr Sabat, Mariusz Sikorski, Krzysztof Szczepańczyk


Duration: 70 min (with no break)



The Wrocław Mime Theatre was created in 1956. Its founder and artistic director was the choreographer and director Henryk Tomaszewski (20.11.1919 - 23.09.2001). The unique character of the Wrocław Theatre of Pantomime is the result of Tomaszewski developing a study method of creating a complete mime. Searching for the truth of, and in, the motion and new means of expression allowed for the creation of performance choreodrams: performances with rich scenography and musical setting, where motion is not a simple equivalent of the word, but a synthesis of experiences and impressions. The peculiar director’s visions and author programs of Tomaszewski won the team popularity in the country as well as abroad, as well as numerous awards at international festivals. Since 2009, Zbigniew Szymczyk has been the head director of the Theatre. The current programme line of WTP focuses on the subject of a broadly-understood physical theatre, enriching the means of pantomime with various theatre conventions. The Theatre’s team also conducts workshops and educational programmes that encompass the broad scope of the theatre of movement.

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