„TIMETABLE” - A3 Theatre - Poland

14 JUNE 2017 Wednesday 7pm. - Przodownik Stage of Dramatyczny Theatre, OLESINSKA 21 str, Warsaw

A story of a school classroom, told with gestures. Memories come to life, rituals start that every class knows – whispered prompts, sharing school lunch together. Further images show us the first failures, the first love and playing together. A3 Theatre invites you for a journey to a school past known to everyone, to the bittersweet world of memories.


Story, direction: Dariusz Skibiński

Music: Jacek Hałas

Cast: Dariusz Skibiński, Stanisław Vojtechowski, Jan Kochanowski/Bartłomiej Ostapczuk


Duration: 70 minutes (with no break)




A3 Theatre combines motion with music. It processes the everyday, turning it into a code of rituals, independent acts that are joined on-stage into a sequence. In their performances, it leaves the viewer plenty of space for interpretation. 

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