„VAI VEM” - GATO SA GROUP - Portugal

18 JUNE 2017 Sunday 7pm. NA WOLI STAGE of Dramatyczny Theatre, KASPRZAKA 22 str., Warsaw

A journey as a metaphor of the human fate. Four characters, their stories, a shipwreck and the high sea. Finding love, escaping the past and finding a place where one can put down roots. Vai Vem is a journey inspired by migration as a visual territory and the physical theatre as a narrative tool. A universal story of illusions, feat, hopes and love. 


Dramaturgy: Ángela Valderrama

Director: Juan Carlos Agudelo

Consultation, Masks: Mario Primo

Lights: Rul Sensos

Sound: Jose Oliveira

Multimedia, Animations: Rui Senos, Nuno Cintrão

Scenography: Gato SA Company

Photography: José Mónica, Paulo Chaves

Production: Ajagato


Cast: Helena Rosa, Marina Leonardo, Raul Oliveira, Tomás Porto


The GATO SA group, created in 1988 in Santo André Secondary School, gives highest priority to the formation and experimentation of various kinds of art. The Portuguese artists also look for their inspiration in travels and the tradition of the theatre of motion. 


Duration: 70 minutes (with no break)

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