“The death of the Marquis De Sade – On the Dark Road” / “Dante – Light in a Darkness” 24th August (Saturday) 7 p.m.


“On the Dark Road” is composed of dreams and fantasies which were developed in free im- provisation. The audience is invited to a kind of fictional picture gallery of sins in which various images of death appear and disappear again. One fantastic image emerges and develops into an- other, with the storyline created out of this process of development. One of the most important tools of theater is to leave things unsaid, thus demanding the viewer’s individual imagination and experience.

cast: Miřenka Čechová, radim Vizváry, directorial assistance: petr Boháč, music: Matouš Mef Hekela, light design: Martin Špetlík 



Death is coming and will have your eyes...
A decadent, surreal, and blasphemous mixture
of physical theater, mime, and modern dance

“Dante - Light in a Darkness” is the final part of the theatre trilogy “Dark”, combining sur- real and decadent poetry with elements of physical theatre and modern dance. From motifs of unrequited love in the first part (Virginie – In a Dark Place) to motifs of dying love born in the fog of memories in the second part (The Death of the Marquis de Sade – On the Dark Road), the performances present passionate, sinful, devilish love. Anyone who has not experienced hell for at least a while will find it hard to gaze beyond the gates of heaven. And anyone who has not experienced heaven will find it hard to understand hell. Hell is not the others, hell exists within us – just as we contain within us the promise of heaven.

cast: Miřenka Čechová, radim Vizváry, directorial assistance: petr Boháč, music: Matouš Hekela, j. s. Bach, stage and costume design: petra Vlachynská, Lucia Škandíková, light design: Martin Špetlík, production: all art o. s., Hana Kubáčková 


TANTEHORSE was founded in 2006 by Miřenka Čechová and Radim Vizvary as Teatro Pantomissimo. Initially the group focused on continuing the strong Czech tradition of mod- ern pantomime, picking up on the work of their teacher Boris Hybner and the influences of Ladislav Fialka and Marcel Marceau. However, the ensemble soon abandoned the world of fragile silence and went their own way through slapstick, comedy and black humor, with works tending towards surrealism and decadence. The encounter with the Japanese dance art Butoh was crucial for the group and strongly influenced its poetics.

Their home scene, however, is still in Prague, where they create and present new perform- ances, which then collect enthusiastic response abroad. The ensemble have already introduced their work in 11 countries and have successfully represented the Czech Republic at major theater festivals in Germany, Israel, Poland, where the Tantehorse performances are viewed as absolutely unique, provocative, and seeking the essence of theater. Due to this, the Czech theatrical environment remains extremely creative and, in spite of the gradual commercializa- tion of art, retains its essential artistic function. 

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