"AGUA DE LAGRIMAS" - WARSAW MIME CENTER - 25th August (Sunday) 7 p.m.

Mr Jefferson is an experienced elderly perfume master. He gained acclaim by designing his most famous fragrance. Unfortunately, fashions change, and the fame wanes, too. One day, Frollo knocks at his door; a creature hideous to the point of being scary. In exchange for accommodation, he proposes to take care of the house. Mr Jefferson, who wants to devote himself entirely to creating a new fragrance, accepts that tempting offer. The consequences will soon become apparent...

direction: Lionel Ménard
cooperation: Bodecker & Nenader Compagnie
set design: Agnieszka Magiera
costumes: Emilia Obłękowska
light design: Andrzej Król
cast: Marta Grądzka, Ewelina Grzechnik, Maja Pieczerak,
Paweł Kulesza, Bartłomiej Ostapczuk 



The aim of the Warsaw Mime Centre is to create a space where true development of mime art will be possible. The WMC organises workshops which feature notable mime artists from home and abroad. We attach great importance to producing mime performances as well as supporting theatrical projects related to mime art in addition, the Warsaw Mime Centre coordinates the activities of the International Mime Art Festival and the Mime Studio. We believe that the professional theatre company, planned publications, educational activities organised on various platforms will fill in the empty space left after the Warsaw Mime Theatre was closed down in 2001, and that they will simultaneously spark more interest in the newly discovered mime art.

Since 2008, when the WMC was established, several dozens of people within the Warsaw area alone decided to take interest in the art of mime theatre. By taking part in all-year-round courses and individually creating études and performances, they have been proving that this kind of theatre is still alive. 

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