Quartet De.kru 27Th August (Tuesday) 7 p.m.

Quartet De.Kru is the most popular classical mime group in Ukraine. The company is made up of graduates of the Faculty of Mime of the Kiev Academy of Theatre and Circus. The artistic director is Liubov Cherepakhina, professor of the Kiev National University of Culture and Art. In their performances, they intend to talk about our life, often in a gro- tesque way. The inspiration for their work has been Marcel Marceau’s legacy. On the one hand, they follow the master’s way of thinking; on the other hand, they show the diversity of the world of mime theatre in their own original way. Quartet De.Kru has won numerous theatre awards in Ukraine. Their show, comprising a number of etudes, is the first presenta- tion of Ukrainian classical mime in Poland. This is mime which is clear, funny, sometimes philosophical.

written and directed by: Liubov cherepakhina
cast: antonina Vitriuk, Bogdan svarnyk, Mykyta cherepakhin, Viktor chuksin 

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