"FAUST" Theatre Circus & C.O - Germany


16.06.2014 Monday at 7 PM. - Scena Na Woli, KASPRZAKA 22 str., Warsaw.


"Faust ohne Worte" means "Faust without a single word". The "Theatre Circus", a German ensemble from Dresden, is currently performing one of the most copious tragedies of European literature, in which the actors do not speak. Dancers, pantomimes artists and singers come together to tell the age-old story, in a rather spectacular way, of a pact made by an aspiring doctor to sell his soul to the devil. All the actors are clowns but not in the bizarre farcical way of course. Rather they act out the poetic vice figures that emerged from the tradition of the French circus at that time. As every sentence and thought of Goethe’s work is being told without words, but with vivid visuals, the performance really is an aesthetic experience, with stage settings of extreme beauty that are pleasing to the eye. 


"By directing the play 'Faust' he [the director] is living out the age-old dream of world theatre. Within the wordless collaborations of the arts, the world can be seen in its entirety. The wordless entire work of art made for the stage can be understood by the young and the old. It is European folk art, it is European world theatre."


created and directed by: Tom Quaas

co-directing: Lionel Menard

choreography: Theresa Butter

dramatic adviser: Carsten Linke

directing assisitent: Claudia Pintarelli

clowning: Yvo Mentens

stage design: Tilo Schiemenz

costumes: Sigrid Herfurth

mask: Billie Rüse/ Christine Palme



Tom Quaas, Katja Langnäse, Alexander Neander, Jana Reiner, Wolfram von Bodecker, Rainer König, Tim Schreiber, Louis Terver, Rebecca Jefferson, Renat Safiullin, Kati Grasse, Jeanne Pascale Schulze,



Michael Kaden, Friedemann Seidlitz, Bernd Sikora, Christoph Hermann

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