Modern Mime Evening – International


The concept is to confront various techniques, styles and forms in mime theatre. Artists from various places in the world have been invited to take part in the presentations, and they will present short theatrical forms which are typical for their work.

Our Festival is the only mime festival in the world which has decided to do something like that. Something that has no predictable final outcome.
This unique evening will take on its final shape a few hours before the presentation.
The performance featuring several dozen artists will be a varied one, showing often different sides of the contemporary art of mime theatre.
It is worth noting that the power of mime art lies in it’s diversity. We will see it for ourselves.


Duration 120 minutes with one brake

Wolfram von Bodecker (D), Alexander Neander (F), Aleksiej Mironov (RU), Oliver Pollak (D), Jun Takahashi (JP), Ng Shiu Hei Larry(CN), Celia Chwuviere(F), Bartłomiej Ostapczuk (PL), Motti (IL), Vojtech Svoboda (CZ),Anna Kukuczkova (CZ), Katarzyna Łuczyńska(PL), Magdalena Młynarczyk (PL), Dorota Sobieraj (PL)


Aktorzy Teatru Warszawskiego Centrum Pantomimy:, Paulina Szczęsna,
Ewelina Grzechnik, Marta Grądzka, Paweł Kulesza, Ireneusz Wojaczek


Adepci Studia Pantomimy: Paulina Staniaszek, Karolina Stanisławska,
Renata Birska, Magdalena Kultys, Kinga Wojaczek, Martyna Soszyńska,
Karina Saczuk, Natasza Żebrowska, Christine Robert, Mirosław Grzywalski,
Masoud Najafi, Janusz Leszczyński.

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