"Marcel" Warsaw Mime Center Company

”MARCEL” by the Theatre of the Warsaw Mime Centre - Poland


It was January 1991 when I showed my director's étude to Marcel Marceau.
It was supposed to be short mime drama telling a story of life in a local school in a village before World War II.

'What title did you give it?', he asked.

'"The Class", sir'.

I perfectly remember the silence that followed. In his mind, the master went back to his childhood; he had an intuition about the tragedy of what was about to come after that beautiful era came to an end.

The war would annihilate everything.


'Lionel, it would be good if at the end of the story the children grew up, then grew old, and then reminded themselves about the lost illusions from the time when they were young'.

That must have bothered him a lot, because for a long time he encouraged me to continue with my work. As a tribute to him, I jump into that river... while imagining his penetrating stare and a slight grin.


"The Class" is now titled "MARCEL". Off we go, Monsieur Marceau...

Script, Directing Lionel Menard
Assistant to the Director Paulina Staniaszek
Stage design and costumes Lionel Menard
Music Franck Gervais

Lights Andrzej Król / Paweł Srebrzyński

Paiting and desing of scenery and costumes
Karolina Szaturska , Małgorzata Kupiec-Sporzyńska, Agnieszka Magiera


Cast: Ewelina Grzechnik, Marta Grądzka, Paulina Szczęsna, Paweł Kulesza,
Ireneusz Wojaczek, Bartłomiej Ostapczuk


Coproduction with Dramatyczny Theatre of Warsaw City.


Duration: 80 minutes without brake

Warsaw Mime Center Company 
consists of the actors studying the art of mime in Warsaw Mime Center for a few years now. 
The shows of WMC COMPANY are created by international mime directors. 

By combining the acting skills of WMC Company’s team with the imagination and experience of invited artists we would like to prove that Mime is a complete and independent theatrical art having a lot to offer to a contemporary spectator.

Artistic Director, Bartłomiej Ostapczuk



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