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Forgotten Memories of Suicidal Moments


2015 marks Gregg Goldston’s 40th Anniversary as a Mime Artist.  His new work:

Weeping in Silence celebrates this anniversary as it presents a stylistic “self-portrait” of Goldston’s life. 

Weeping in Silence is a dark comedy, or better stated…it’s a comedic nightmare. 

It was purposely written to not only push the audience to the edge, but push the art form to its’ edge as well.

The show follows one character throughout several scenes that are linked together to create the sense of a life story.  Some happen in present time, some are memories, and others are fantastic daydreams. 


Weeping in Silence is a full-length solo performance following one character throughout the entire show.  Historically speaking, this work is seemingly the first of its kind within the art form.  Historical or not, this production enables Gregg Goldston to combine his highly developed illusionary technique with his four decades of chorographic knowledge to create a style of work not yet seen in mime before.  The final effect of this combination will display how Mime choreography can create the same style of effects we see nowhere else but in Film.


"Tonight's Premiere is dedicated to Haruka Moriyama, my Artistic Colleague in New York, who has inspired my work and affected the growth of my Art." - Gregg Goldston


Duration 80 minutes without brake

Gregg Goldston

In 1975, Gregg Goldston saw a performance by Marcel Marceau—and immediately set upon a lifelong pursuit of the art of mime. he started training with Richmond Shepard and studied with
Moni Yakim and Stefan Niedziałkowki, and, eventually and extensively, with his idol Marceau, who became a mentor and a close friend. Marceau served as artistic advisor to the Goldston Mime Foundation; in turn, Goldston performed as Marceau’s assistant on his 2000–2002 u.s. tours, and took on lead roles with Marceau’s nouvelle Compagnie de Mimodrame during its 5-week run at the American repertoire Theatre of harvard.

For over 35 years, Gregg has toured his solo performance, uniquely imbued with ballet and modern dance, across the Usa, Asia, and Europe. in the meantime, he has also created a touring 7-member company, The invisible people, and a Manhattan-based trio, The Fun- ny Bones.

Gregg has presented his work off-Broadway and in various new york venues, including The Lincoln Center Institute, Lincoln Center’s Meet the artist program, new york Theatre workshop, and The urban stages program. He has appeared on The daily show, law & Order, pBs online and The early show on CBs. his work has been featured and acclaimed in The new york Times, The new york daily news and the Chicago reader. His corporate work spans projects for such diverse groups as general Motors, van Cleef & arpels and F.a.O. schwarz at their flagship store where Gregg created the memorable character, The Mechanical Man. In 1980, he established The Goldston School for Mimes, a summer intensive training program based in Gambier, Ohio.
The school for Mimes hosted seminars with Marcel Marceau, Stefan Niedzialkowski and a summer season of mime performances. Goldston directed the school until 2001 which now continues to operate un- der the title: The school for Mime Theatre.
in 2000, Gregg performed at the first Mime art Festival in Warsaw as a guest with the Alithea Mime Theater, a company created at the school for mimes. His work was so well received that he was invited to present his full solo performance in 2002 and again in 2005. Throughout these years he developed a strong relationship with Bartlomiej Ostapczuk (artistic director of the Festival since 2005) with whom he created several duet mime plays which received strong acclaim from both the public and press in Warsaw. in 2005, Gregg began teaching classes during the Festival workshops that created such a demand for deeper study that in 2008, he and Bartłomiej created Summer School of Modern Mime at Warsaw Mime Center.

Gregg is a recipient of two n.e.a. choreography fellowships. He has developed BalletMime, a new vocabulary of ballet mime acting, which was premiered on BalletMet’s romeo & Juliet in spring 2008. His teaching and directing credits include American Ballet Theatre summer intensive 2006. As a mime coach, he has worked with Anne Hathaway for the film Ella enchanted and with Julie Harris for an equity stage performance.

When not touring, Gregg lives in NYC where he coaches privately and teaches a regular series of mime classes for actors, comedians, dancers and mimes. He devotes his free time to his passion for visual arts, creating works that range from pen-and-ink line drawings to life size bronze and stainless steel sculptures.


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