"Susanna and the elders" Wrocław Mime Theatre - Poland

Fascination with a woman, her beauty and that something that makes one crank up in her so irrationally, is a natural sphere of desire. Such emotion is triggered by Susan — a gorgeous and godly daughter of Chikiash in two elders, the Babylon judges. They were searching for a chance and opportunity to win the sensual and alluring girl over. They induced their imagination through regular tracking her and snooping while she bathed. The fever that gripped them during another meeting, let loose their lust and the need to be with her. Yet her loyalty towards her own husband made her turn their advances down. The revenge that the elders took could have been the only answer to such attitude. The feeling of unfulfilled lust was turned into an accusation of adultery that meant death penalty in those days. Prophet Daniel saves Susan from these false accusations. His appearing shows the triumphant goodness and justice. Susan is freed and the envious judges, who gave false statements, were put to death.. „Susan and the elders” — a wordless picture that fulfils the time of the spectacle, is an attempt to look into those layers of human sensitivity and lust that set free certain behaviour towards a woman at various stages of life. A woman, who through her mystery and through her being so erotic, leads us into the world where sensibility and principles burn up like the main characters of the events presented here. These burning coals of lust, desire and fulfilment can change the authors into ashes.


Leszek Mądzik

„Susanna and the elders”
script, set  designer, costumes and directed by: Leszek Mądzik
music: Jan A. P. Kaczmarek
cast: Izabela CześniewiczAgnieszka DziewaAneta PiorunArtur BorkowskiRadomir Piorun (guest), Krzysztof RoszkoMariusz Sikorski, Krzysztof Szczepańczyk

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