"2 Dark Tale" Die Etage - Germany 

10 June Friday 6 pm. Na Woli Stage of Dramatyczny Theatre, Kasprzaka 22 str, Warsaw

„2 Dark Tale”
The piece is inspired by Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment" and "The Gambler". The melt of these two storylines brings us into the contradictory journey to the place where the stakes are- dignity, morality, love and life at the end. Drawing the parallels between personages of 2 novels- we could compare the Gambler and the Murderer, old ladies, shark loan Alena Ivanovna and Babulia-  both as the victims, Polina and Sophia Marmeladova as 2 sides of Russian female character. The figures of Croupier and the Investigator, or the Judge, shifting the roles and the positions like rotation in the revolver or in the roulette. This perspective gives a chance to look at the quite heavy matters of author's " human psychology " with a dozen of good humor and irony. 

If I'd need to describe the production in short- I'd call it "black humor physical- mime comedy”
Evgeny Kozlov

Directing: Evgeny Kozlov

Performing: Johanna Fluhrer, Jannis Eggelmann, Miriam Flick, 

Nicholas Friedl, Kerstin Hurbain, Ivana Jenjic, Lina Marie Rohde, 

Radja von Viehbahn, Katarzyna Wieczerzak


Duration of the show 65 min.

DIE ETAGE School for fine and performing Arts

Since 1981 Die Etage e.V. offers six different study programmes in different disciplines of Performing and Fine Arts and from the beginning one of the main subject is Mime/Pantomime. Since 1986 Die Etage e.V. ist governmentally recognized gaining an equal status as other specialized professional education institutes. The aim of the education is the professional degree of the graduate and the exams are given under governmental exam rules. Apart the Federation of European Mime FEM die Etage e.V. is also member of La Federation européene des écoles de Cirque professionelles / FEDEC and is internationally cooperating with numerous universities. Since the foundation of Die Etage e.V. many of today‘s well-known and established artists form Berlin have graduated at this internationally recognized education institute.

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