"THE BACCHAE" Wrocław Mime Theatre - Poland

19 June (Sunday) 7 pm. Na Woli Stage of Dramatyczny Theatre, Kasprzaka 22 str. Warsaw, Poland

60 years of the Wrocław Mime Theatre 



"I had been searching for inspiration and literary backing in Euripides' "The Bacchae" and in Pasolini's "Teorema". From these works I took the topics, a certain conglomerate of thoughts, in order to express the problems which were bothering me. A clash of two points of view occurs here; on the one hand, human behaviour in the everyday world: very rational, sensible; on the other hand, an impulse to run away from this greyness to the world of dreams and carefully hidden desires which can be satisfied... in our dreams. In a word, everything that was the leading motive for the Dionysian Mysteries, whatever is unreal in life, may take on specific shapes in theatre".

H. Tomaszewski, "I am coming tomorrow", "Słowo Polskie" 53 / 1974


In 1974 Henryk Tomaszewski produced "I am coming tomorrow" at the Wrocław Mime Theatre, which he described as a collage of mime images inspired by Euripides' "The Bacchae" and Pier Paolo Pasolini's "Teorema". 

When staging "The Bacchae" based on Euripides' play, the artists reached for the same materials, treating them as the starting point for composing a stage picture which is, however, not just re-telling the story of Tomaszewski's performance. "I am coming tomorrow" is treated as an inspiration and encouragement to once again read through both works and see what will ensue from the clash of those two stories today. The topics continue to be the same as the ones mentioned by Tomaszewski in his quote above: a clash of two orders, real and imaginary, the dilemma of a human being whose existence reminds the act of balancing on a thin rope stretched between hard reality and the fragility of the world born out of a dream. 

The unanswered question remains: who is Dionysus, whose arrival challenges the current order and expels a man from his current place of residence: himself?

Is this a liberation or a downfall? Why is his character still fascinating? Why is his story still needed by the people, the theatre, the world...


THE BACCHAE based on Euripides, directed by: Maćko Prusak, dramaturgy: Marta Giergielewicz 
stage design: Mirek Kaczmarek, music: Maćko Prusak
cast: Anna Nabiałkowska, Agnieszka Dziewa, Paula Krawczyk-Ivanov, Mariusz Sikorski, 
Artur Borkowski, Jan Kochanowski, Anatoliy Ivanov, Radek Kasiukiewicz (guest starring)

Duration 90 minutes

(Premiere 10 June 2016 Wrocław, Poland)



as established in 1956. Its founder and artistic director was the choreographer and director Henryk Tomaszewski (20 November 1919 - 23 September 2001).

The uniqueness of the Wrocław Mime Theatre was the result of Tomaszewski's way of studio education for total mimes. The search for the truth in movement and for new means of expression made it possible to create performance choreodramas: shows with opulent stage design and music score, in which movements were not just equivalents of words but combinations of experiences and impressions.

The directors' peculiar visions and Tomaszewski's own programmes brought the company acclaim at home and abroad, as well as numerous awards at international festivals.

Zbigniew Szymczyk has been the theatre's director general since 2009. The current programme offer revolves around the issues of physical theatre in its broad approach, with the elements of mime enriched with diverse theatrical conventions. The company also runs movement theatre workshops and educational programmes.

The Wrocław Mime Theatre is celebrating its 60th birthday in 2016.

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