„Etiudes Evening”  Studio of the Warsaw Mime Center - Poland

12 June (Sunday) 5 pm. Przodownik Stage of Dramatyczny Theatre, Olesińska 21 str. Warsaw


„Etiudes Evening”


A performance composed by etudes of the students of the Warsaw Mime Center 

under the direction of Bartolomieje Ostapczuk. This evening presents the creation of students who decided to speak through the Art of Mime. We believe that the essence of theatre are emotions, their meaning, and the sensitivity and imagination of the artist. The Art of conscious silence presented in a very clear way.


Performnig: Ewelina Grzechnik, Paulina Szczęsna, Marta Grądzka, Karina Saczuk, 

Paulina Staniaszek, Kinga Wojaczek, Renat Birska, Karolina Stanisławska, Alicja Kowalska, Małgorzata Watras, Christine Robert, Magdalena Filipowiak, Xu Fenglan, Isabele Simon Guerrero, Ireneusz Wojaczek, Paweł Kulesza, Moti Ashkenazi, Mirek Grzywalski, Michał Zaidlewicz, Artem Manuilov


Studio of The Warsaw Mime Center


The aim of the Warsaw Mime Centre is to create space for true development of Mime Art. We organize workshops which feature notable Mime artists from Poland and abroad putting great emphasis on producing Mime performances as well as supporting theatrical projects related to Mime. In addition, we organize the Mime Art Festival and run the Pantomime Studio.We believe that our professional theatre WARSAW MIME CENTER COMPANY, publications and educational activities organized on various platforms will revive the interest in the newly discovered Art of Mime.



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