„ETUDES” / „Mimes Movie” HAMU The School for performing arts

11 June Saturday 5 pm. Przodownik Stage of Dramatczny Theatre, Olesińska 21 str., Warsaw


Etudes by the students of The Mime Department HAMU. Short comic and tragic stories made by students under supervision of Radim Vizváry and Adam Halaš.


Performed by: Adam Halaš, Román Horák, Anna Kukuczková, Michaela Stará, Eliška Kasprzyk, Tomáš Kasprzyk, Andrej Lyga and more.


"Mime movie"

Short movie slapsticks created by mime students of HAMU Prague as the project of 5th year's main subject. You will see different forms of slapstick productions- from horror, through documentary to classical movie slapstick. Students were participating not only as actors,but also as authors, dramaturgists and directors.

Starring and directing: Anna Kukuczková, Vojtěch Svoboda, Ondřej Holba, Valéria Daňhová and Tomáš Kasprzyk

Camera: Jakub Wagner

Supervision: Adam Halaš a Jakub Wagner

Playtime: 25 minutes


Mime Department HAMU


The Mime Department at The Music and Dance Faculty of The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague was founded in 1992 by Prof. Ctibor Turba ( head until 1999 ). After that Prof. Boris Hybner became head of the Department until 2010. During that time the study programme was focussed on the basic styles of Mime – Theatre / Mime, Slapstick, Clown. In 2010 Adam Halaš became the head of the Department coming with a new educative concept of Mime –Theatre. Apart the basic styles the education is focussed on further styles of Mime such as Physical Theatre and New Circus. Through this connection of the classical as well as the contemporary styles the study programme is linking to the Tradition of Czech Pantomime offering a modern approach towards Mime reacting on the present. The study programme is focussed especially on Devised theatre of the attendants.

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