„Les Aimants” Mangano Massip Company - France

11 June (Saturday) 8 pm. Na Woli Stage of Dramatyczny Theatre, Kasprzaka 22 str. Warsaw




An an eternal return this is a moving reflection on love and its degradation by the ravages of time, on the balance of power within the couple, but also on how the presence of the other can become the absence of ourselves and at the same time our existential foundation.


This duet tells the story of a couple having a relationship without words, become sclerotic with silence and lack of communication. As regards suffering, it is not to be denied. Dense and almost palpable, this feeling sweeps into the space and makes it tangible, vibrates to the slightest movement of each character. 

But here and there a tender gesture, a memory fled , a ray of sunshine coming in breaking into this claustrophobic relationship, a current of fresh air that swipt away the pain of loneliness .


So like a surrealist painting, several times intersect, dream time , memories, imagined future ,uncertain present . Characters like tightrope walkers / sleepwalkers dance on the tightrope of their destiny between desires and cowardice .

Time of sentimental break-up reveals the characters’ hidden personality. Metaphors pile over common reality which, as a leitmotiv, intrudes more and more oppressively. Love letters or rupture letters merge in the impotence of leaving or staying .



A poetic duo, that says how the presence of the other can haunt us to the impossible




Sara Mangano and Pierre-Yves Massip met in 1994 at the Marcel Marceau school of Mime and ever since then we have chosen to explore together the vast world of their imagination. For over fifteen years, they have worked as a duo to shape a gestural and visual theatre where the body is both the tool and the goal. "We work with the drama of movement that can echo our everyday lives with all its little ups and downs as well as take us on an epic lyrical journey into our thoughts".


A poetic and popular theatre that whilst rooted in the grammar of mime desires to enrich itself with the vocabulary of other new theatrical styles.


After working within Marcel Marceau's Company and taking care of the creative of Acta Fabula Company during 10 years. Sara and Pierre-Yves founded in 2010 their own company: The Company Mangano-Massip (ex Autour du Mime).


Their work has given birth to numerous shows: « Archibald et Margaret », « Tell me the truth and other stories », «The adventures of Pym the clown », « The 4 seasons » and the work in progress « Life in a box ».



We are very attached to the idea of transmitting our art, and our teaching is based on the understanding and use of the three major mime techniques: Marcel Marceau, Etienne Decroux and Jacques Lecoq. We strive for the recognition of the Art of Mime in the theatrical world and the eyes of the general public. We have created many projects with this goal in mind, notably: Mim’Provisation and Mimesis.

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