"LES COLLECTIONNEURS"  - Hippocampe Corporel Mime Theatre - France 

12 June (Sunday) 8 pm. Na Woli Stage of Dramatyczny Theatre, Kasprzaka 22 str. Warsaw



The new production by the Hippocampe Theatre will make you ponder the wealth of our identities owing
to the figure of the collector, Joseph Lewis. 


We made a list of material and non-material objects as well as repeating situations which mark our existence. We also imagined those collections coming alive, thus illustrating various aspects of the same character. The figure evolves in an absurd universum, where objects show the way between what is real and what is imaginary. That collective work started with the question "Who are you?" and our search led us to the work on the multitude of identities which characterize us and our lives.


The inspiration for the production were the characters evolving in an oniric world where it is impossible to tell the difference between the truth and falsehood. Joseph Lewis brings to mind people who dive deep into the labirynth whose sense they are trying to find.


Director Luis Torreao

Performing: Sonia Alcaraz, Guillaume Le Pape, Melody Maloux et Luis Torreao

Artistic Cooperation : Sophie Leila Vadrot

Music : Fernando Del Papa

Lights: Eugenie Marcland

Régie Plateau : Thomas Cadelec

Costiums: Luce Noyer

Scenography:  Pierre Lecnczner

Props: Kristine Ketiladze

Production Manager: Peggy Riess


Duration 80 min.



H i p p o c a m e   C o r p o r e l   M i m e   T h e a t r e 


Through their productions, Compagnie Hippocampe study the emotions which usually escape us and the internal conflicts which are born among our most secret thoughts. Mime enables us to give shape to those barely tangible vibrations, because it refers to ambiguous states: animate and inanimate, death and life, thought and movement, reality and imagination. 

In our previous production, "Camille's Room", the main character, Camille Claudele, reinvented her own story by giving life to Rodin's sculptures. That way she compared the figures to "actors-marionettes". We continue our search in "The Collectors", using a masked character who discovers himself through a confrontation with his lookalikes as well as some animate objects from his own collection. 


"In life we are always alone, and the earlier we realise that, the better we can guide ourselves (or something like that)" Bernard Werber 


Since 2003, Hippocampe have been supported by the Mayor of Paris and the Ministry of Culture and Communication, California's Pomona College, and the House of Human Sciences - Paris North. 

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