"LUSTRO” Scena Plastyczna KUL Leszka Mądzika - Poland 

18 June (Saturday) 6 pm and 8 pm. Na Woli Stage of Dramatyczny Theatre, Kasprzaka 22 str. Warsaw, Poland


"Lustro" ("Mirror")


This is more than just a reflection; it is more of a need to look into the sphere of emotions and sensitivities, strongly perpetuating the stigma of obsessions, fears, fascinations and the tragic fate which filled the short life of Bruno Schulz. The animate image, which refers to the premonitions taking over the unassuming high-school sketch teacher from Drohobych, takes the spectators on a journey to an abyss with silent witnesses whose silence intensifies the human tragedy.


Leszek Mądzik - script, directing, scenography 

Piotr Klimek - music


Maciej Mazur - Scena Plastyczna KUL

Krzysztof Petkowicz - Scena Plastyczna KUL

Szymon Zygma - Scena Plastyczna KUL

Sławomir Szondelmajer - ASP w Warszawie

Paulina Staniaszek - Warszawskie Centrum Pantomimy

Bartlomiej Ostapczuk - Warszawskie Centrum Pantomimy

Jędrzej Skajster - ASP w Warszawie

Katarzyna Ośko - MSKiPU


Duration 40 minutes


Scena Plastyczna KUL (The Graphic Arts Stage of the Catholic University of Lublin) 


Scena Plastyczna KUL (The Graphic Arts Stage of the Catholic University of Lublin) was established in 1969 by the Academic Theatre of the Catholic University of Lublin, which is Leszek Mądzik's theatre born out of his interests in the oportunities brought by graphic arts, space and light. The two initial performances Mądzik produced according to his own screenplay and stage design projects in cooperation with the director J. Lodka ("Ecce homo", 24 March 1970, with a music score by Lodka and himself) and J. Kaczorowski ("Narodzenia", 2 April 1971). Starting from the third performance ("Wieczerza", 23 March 1972, with a music score written by S. Dąbek) he began directing himself and creating his own theatre: devoid of words, speaking with images, assisted by music and performing actors who he led out of a box-shaped stage onto a broad space. Since then, space and light, scarce characters and objects exploring the depths of darkness and stage endlessness, have been subjected to the sphere of sounds which mark the rhythm and music - they provide the basic means for this theatre which is considered its founder's "theatre of speaking images". 

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