C E L I A   C H A U V I E R E   W O R K S H O P S

T h e   m o u v e m e n t   o f   e m o t i o n s


The workshops will focus on searching and improving through movement authenticity of emotion.

What is a faithfull movement? Is it impulsed by emotion, or from movement can ensue the emotion? Mimes or dancers often have to respond to a defined choreography. How to make it own? How to find the good rythm? The good temporality? How to get until the end of a movement?

Offered exercices will invite participants to consider all these aspects through their own skills, potential and imagination. By working on presence quality and using tools of pantomime, mime and dance technics to better going then beyond, we will developp  movements richness to make each of them alive, unique and precious.

C E L I A   C H A U V I E R E 

Celia started dancing at 7 years old. She first practiced ballet dance in Bourges Departemental Conservatory (France), and then got in Clermont-Ferrand Regional Conservatory (France) in which she continued ballet and started contemporary dance.

In 2008, after few years of spoken theater schools, she learns French Sign Language and then head for mime. So then, she gets to school Ateliers de Belleville, where for three years she studied in the class under the direction of Yvan Bacciocchi. Alongside she continues training in contemporary dance and ballet at the Conservatoire Charles Munch (Paris).

In 2011, she founded "La Compagnie des Corps Bruts" based in Paris. Since 2011 he has been performing as a mime, dancer and choreographer in performances -Les Destinées Li et de La- and -ANA- (Compagnie des Corps bruts), as well as in-Le Musée des Fous- and -je vous la Demande la route- (Compagnie Théâtre Orage). In Paris, she began to lead a workshop with the art of mime and modern dance for children, youth and adults. In the meantime, she went to Warsaw to meet Polish pantomime technique. She currently lives between Warsaw and Paris.

In 2013, she founded the polish foundation "Ciało Mówi, Że…" (Warsaw), under which  she created the performance -Little Girl, you will grow up... - (in co-production with La Compagnie des Corps Bruts).

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