Vojtech Svoboda - Workshops

The workshops will revolve around working with the body and non-verbal measures in the language of mime.

We are going to focus on technique in order to be able to control our bodies and our physicality on stage in general.

The key elements include breath, eyesight and rhythm.

We are going to look at the technique of mime which creates an illusion, such as walking in place, working with an imaginary object, and much more. We are also going to try non-verbal acting, creating theatrical characters according to our own physicality, and working with a partner.

Vojtěch Svoboda (1989*) 

He is dedicated to theatre since he was little. Performed many roles in amateur theatre companies for which he has been awarded with several awards (Loutkářská Chrudim, Held/in Tirol, Karlínskátříska etc.). After finishing gymnasium, he started to study Department of Pantomime at Academy of performing Arts in Prague, where 2013 finished Bachelor studies. Currently he is continuing there the Master program. Through Erasmus project he spend half a year at school Die Etage in Berlin, where he met and cooperated with leading personalities of pantomime in Europe (Lionel Ménard, Marc Bogaerts, Oliver Pollak, Anke Gerber).


He is the author of several pantomime etudes and played in over 30 theatre performances in pantomime, drama, clown, commedia dell´arte, dance, physical theatre and puppet theatre. As a


teacher he is leading workshops and classes. For example at international mime festival Mime Fest, festivals Improtřesk, Polibek Múzy and Minifestival in Prague. As interpret he is performing in the international project Körperklänge which connects pantomime with jazz.


As a quest he is performing in National theatre in Prague. Co-founded a professional pantomime company Mime Prague, cooperating with clown company Cirkus Sacra and improvisation duo Dvamimo.

s the only one, he is performing solo show Perpetuum Mobile according to mime libretto from Václav Havel. He directed show Robo Erectus and his last direction was performance Master and Margarita according to a famous book from Michail Bulagakov

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